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Vinyl Flooring for the New Millennium

What do you think of when you hear the word vinyl? Vinyl records? Vinyl “leather” pants? Or how about that ugly, cheap vinyl floor from your childhood kitchen? The ones with all the black and white squares, peeling up at the corners?

If that’s what you’ve got in your head when you think of vinyl flooring, you’re missing out. In fact, chances are that what you remember from your childhood is linoleum. While linoleum can be a great product, it has a tendency to discolor and requires maintenance like waxing. Vinyl, however, is a whole different animal.

Today’s vinyl is a world away from those old black and white squares from your youth. In fact, it’s the fastest growing flooring choice in the world. More people than ever before are choosing vinyl flooring for their kitchens, bathrooms, even for their whole homes.

Versatile vinyl is an ideal flooring for bathrooms

The biggest reason people love vinyl is its performance. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flooring that’s easier to take care of than vinyl, which is why it’s also known as resilient flooring. Spill something? Wipe it up with no worries about warping or staining. Pets or rowdy kids? Scuffs and scrapes are much less likely with vinyl flooring – as are bruised keens and elbows from rough-housing or trips and falls.

While vinyl flooring can be more expensive than linoleum or other flooring choices, you can often recoup those savings in labor costs. New backing technology from companies like FreeFit, Karndean, and IVC mean installation is as easy as placing the vinyl tiles on a prepared surface – often no glue, nails or heavy materials are needed. That’s it. This same ease of installation makes removal a breeze down the road if you ever want to replace the flooring, since there’s no glue or scraping required.

Vinyl flooring mimics wood grain

Great, you say. But how does it look? Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with black and white tiles anymore. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) can be imprinted with any pattern and color imaginable, including wood planks, bamboo grain, natural stone textures or even stamped concrete. Some vinyl tiles can even be grouted, giving a perfect illusion of stone or ceramic tiles. You’ll also find vinyl flooring is warmer under foot than hardwood or stone, which means no more freezing toes on cold winter mornings.

Think it’s time you gave vinyl flooring a second look? We’ll bring flooring samples right to yourIndianapolishome and let you decide for yourself if vinyl has moved on from its humble beginnings. Contact us for a no-obligation estimate.