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Meet the Team: Lisa P. Hackney

Lisa has a secret. Even though she’s our longest-tenured employee with more than nine years at Tish Flooring, we’ve never been able to get her to reveal what the “P” in her name stands for. All we know is that it’s a five-letter Southern name.

Meet Lisa at Tish Flooring

When she’s not creating an air of mystery, Lisa is our Office Manager. No one can quite remember how she got the title, but the bottom line is that Lisa keeps Tish Flooring running. Like all our employees, she wears many hats. You might find Lisa sending invoices, working on our database or generally keeping us all in line. She also answers the phones and chats with current and prospective customers, so you might get “the Lisa experience” first-hand when you call our office.

Lisa continues to hang around because to her, Tish Flooring is family. “I’m a very loyal person,” she says. “Tish Flooring’s been good to me, and I’m glad to be here.”

We think we’re just as lucky to have Lisa. She understands our Tish Flooring philosophy of personalized service and she keeps us all laughing.

The next time you call Tish Flooring, see if you can’t figure out what Lisa’s middle name is. Our best guess? Peach.