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Soft and Strong: SmartStrand® Carpet

Why do you choose to put carpet in your home? Sure, it looks great, but for many people, the main reason is softness. You want a floor covering your feet sink into, a surface where you can sit and play with the kids or sprawl out and watch a movie.

One potential drawback of carpeting is staining. If you spill red wine on tile or hardwood, you just wipe it up. But if you spill red wine on your carpet, you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing with harsh chemicals, right?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Most carpets which claim to be “stain resistant” are sprayed with a chemical which keeps stains from setting. Unfortunately, it can wear off over time. But Mohawk’s SmartStrand® and SmartStrand® Silk™ carpet weave stain protection right into the fiber of the carpet. That means for as long as you own the carpet, you’ll be able to clean mud, mustard, dirt and yes, even red wine, from your carpet with soap and water. No harsh chemicals are needed. Both carpets come with lifetime warranties, just in case.

So that covers have the equation. Is this carpet soft? SmartStrand® Silk™ is one of the softest carpets on the market. When you run your hand over it, the carpet is plush and dense.

Both SmartStrand® and SmartStrand® Silk™ are more expensive than other carpets, but if you plan to stay in your current home for some time, its durability and stain resistance can make up for the initial cost. Not sure if it’s right for you? Want to feel for yourself how soft this stuff is? Call Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis carpet company, at 879-TISH (8474) to schedule your in-home consultation today. There’s absolutely no charge and no obligation for the appointment and we’ll bring the samples for you to view in your own space. We can help you decide if these carpets are the right choice for you, or help you find something that is.