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How to Use Wall Tile to Transform Your Bathroom

Aesthetically speaking, your bathroom’s an important place. Go with us on this—it’s one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the last things you see before you go to bed. It’s a place where you spend time primping, prepping or just relaxing in a hot, luxurious bubble bath. A beautifully designed bathroom can go a long way toward affecting your mood, whether it’s invigorating you for the day ahead or helping you unwind from the day you’ve just finished.

Interestingly, even the walls in your bathroom can tell a story. Unlike most rooms where paper or paint are your only options, in a bathroom you can cover virtually every surface in luminous color and light. Wall tile not only helps insulate the warmth from your bath or shower, it can also bring a beautiful texture and shine to any room.

Mosaic tile bathroom

In this space, mosaic tile catches the light, and tiny natural variations in the glazing of these ceramic tiles give a natural, almost aquatic feel to the room. Walking into this bathroom is like being welcomed into your in-home spa every day.


Roman tiled bath

In this neutral, airy bathroom, floor and wall tiles run seamlessly together, like a cocoon of comfort. The classic ceramic wall tiles are designed to mimic the look of Italian travertine, giving you your very own Roman bath. Combined with subtle decorative details, it creates a rich and calming space, perfect for soaking away the cares of the day.

Done right, bathroom tile will become a critical part of your bathroom design and décor.  Capitalize on this opportunity to accentuate every surface of your bathroom. Absolutely no worries if you’re not sure what look or product is right for you – Tish Flooring can easily assist you with narrowing down the choices.  It’s what we do! And now through the end of May, we’re offering a $200 credit on all complete bathroom tile renovations. From floors to walls to tub surrounds and walk-in showers, let us help you create a bathroom that is your own tranquil oasis.