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Cork: Flooring’s Best Kept Secret

Chances are, when you think about cork, you think about the stopper that goes into a bottle of wine. But cork flooring is one of the most environmentally sustainable, durable and beautiful materials on the market today.

Cork comes from the cork oak tree. Amazingly, it’s not necessary to cut down the tree to harvest cork. Instead, the bark is peeled back from the tree, leaving the core of the plant intact. In time, the tree will grow a new sheath of bark and can be harvested again and again, making this a truly sustainable and environmentally-friendly resource.

Unlike hardwood, cork flooring has a honeycomb structure that allows it to bend and compress without breaking. That means it’s remarkably soft and forgiving to stand and walk on. This springy nature means it’s the ideal flooring in a house with lots of kids underfoot who may take an occasional tumble. The same honeycomb shape that makes cork slightly bouncy also means it muffles sound, making it a great choice for the bedrooms of snorers or for children’s playrooms.

This all sounds great, but what does it look like? Cork flooring comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, just like more traditional hardwood choices. To create flooring, the cork is baked, which creates a natural variety of tan and beige colors, but it can also be painted or stained any color in the rainbow.

Cork gives you the softness of carpet with the look and easy maintenance of hardwood. If you’re interested in installing cork flooring in your home, call Tish Flooring. We’ll bring a variety of samples right to your home and offer a no-pressure estimate. Call us today.