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The Best Flooring Types for Kitchens

The kitchen really is the heart of your home. If your family is like most, you spend a lot of time gathered in the kitchen, cooking, eating or just enjoying each other’s company. The décor of your kitchen can set the tone for the entire rest of your house. When it comes to choosing a kitchen floor, you want something that’s welcoming and practical. It has to stand up to a lot of abuse, heavy foot traffic and spills, but it also has to be easy-to-clean and nice to look at. With so many choices on the market today, what’s the best material for your floor?

Obviously carpet’s out—too hard to keep clean. But once past that, the possibilities are nearly endless for your kitchen. There’s hardwood, always a classic choice. Hardwood’s flexibility makes it a great choice for comfort, as it flexes to support your feet and back if you spend hours bent over a hot stove. Most modern hardwood is pre-treated, meaning it’s more resistant to spills and can withstand lots of foot traffic. Wood’s organic, cozy appearance creates a warm atmosphere.

Stone or tile can be just the thing to give a modern or Mediterranean style to your kitchen. From brightly colored ceramic tiles to cool stonework, these flooring choices are easy to care for and extremely durable. With ceramic or laminate flooring, you have nearly infinite choices in terms of color, decoration and style.

Finally, cork flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice in kitchens.Corkisn’t just for wine bottles anymore!  It’s an eco-friendly flooring choice that muffles sound and is a dream on your feet. we’ve put cork in our own homes and can attest to its durability. Cork comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your family and your lifestyle.

Ultimately, the flooring that fits your kitchen depends on your individual aesthetic and your lifestyle. To help decide the best choice for you and your family, call us at 879-TISH (8474). Our Indianapolis flooring team will show you beautiful options at all price points in your home, at your convenience, and help you find a flooring choice you’ll love.