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Tish vs. The Big Box Stores

The home improvement centers and big box stores in the U.S. are marketing their flooring services in manner that may come as a surprise to many consumers.  These massive companies are attracting thousands of prospective buyers to their flooring departments with “$79 Whole House Installation” gimmicks or in some cases “70% Off!”.  One can’t help but wonder: 70% off what, exactly?

Logic dictates that 2-3 professional installers are not going to work for one or two full days in your home replacing flooring for $79. And most people know that 70% off anything is a little farfetched, despite the redundant and blaring TV commercials.  Consumers should be forwarned that excessive charges are tacked on elsewhere within the transaction, ususally by overcharging for material and sundry labor charges.  Taken directly from a standard price list, below is a sample of charges that one can expect at certain times from some of these big box retailers:

  • Tack strip installation on tile or concrete-$1.25/linear foot
  • $35-$50 for the cost of the estimate
  • Removal and disposal of old carpet and pad-$3.60/square yard
  • Removal and disposal of glued down carpet or pad-$3.87/square yard
  • Removal and disposal of ceramic tile or stone-$3.50/square foot

These extras quickly add up to a price much, much higher than their advertised $79.  Tish Flooring provides one, low lump sum price for the whole project – all material, installation, miscellaneous labor and tax included.  No nickel & dime charges, no hidden charges, no games or gimmicks.  It’s the way we’ve conducted business for four generations.

CLICK HERE to read excerpts from columnist Jonathan Trivers’ revealing article on the big box stores that appeared in Floor Covering Weekly.