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Mel’s Minute

Traditions bind one generation to the next. It is beyond gratifying to see your children achieve success in the business that their great-grandfather started in.  Recently my grandson Max visited from Florida.  Instinctively, Max climbed onto a forklift in our warehouse and was given his first lessons on loading, lifting and storing huge rolls of carpet.  He’s a natural.

When I started in the flooring business Harry S. Truman was President of the United States.  In over sixty years I have worked with many bright manufacturers, distributors, and retail executives.  From these folks, from our family history in the flooring business, and through my own trial and error I have found four constants that resonate with customers to this day:

1) Deal honestly and without delay in every situation

2) Price every job as if it is the only chance you’ll get to earn that sale (because it is)

3) Communicate effectively: mostly, listen closely and re-confirm every pertinent detail

4) Cherish the trust and loyalty that could easily be lost to a competitor

As you might guess, I would be more than a little pleased if sharing these time-tested philosophies were to be the next phase of grandson Max’s education in the flooring business.  Who knows, many Presidents have emerged from beginnings more humble than driving a forklift…

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