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Mannington Adura®flex Rushmore Black Hill FXT392

Adura®flex Rushmore

Black Hill

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Mannington Adura®flex Rushmore Black Hill FXT392
Black Hill
Mannington Adura®flex Rushmore Cliffside FXT391
Mannington Adura®flex Rushmore Keystone FXT390

Product Attributes

Collection Adura®flex Rushmore
Color Black Hill
Color Variation MEDIUM
Shade Dark
Species Slate
Surface Type Embossed
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Micro-Bevel
Application Residential
Size 18" x 18"
Width 18
Finish Coating Low Gloss
Installation Method Glue Down
Warranty Lifetime Residential 10 yr Light Commercial
Description Rushmore captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the rugged terrain it’s named for. This 18” bold slate-look tile floor combines colorful sediment with realistic shaling.