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Beaulieu Carpeting: American Made

Unique area rugs and carpet

When you’re faced with choosing the right carpet, the possibilities are endless. Do you go for a trusted brand name or are you looking for a cost-friendly option? All it takes is a little research, and a few carpet samples to find the new carpeting for your home. Let’s explore a popular brand, Beaulieu America, which consistently produces long-lasting, stylish and comfortable carpet.

Beaulieu America is a carpeting company based in Dalton, Georgia, and is a division of Beaulieu International Group, located in West Flanders, Belgium, a noted European textile manufacturing capital. Since 1978, Beaulieu America has carried on the tradition of combining quality carpet creation with industry innovations. As Beaulieu has grown, their environmental conscience has evolved. Today, they use environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques as well as utilize recycled materials in the creation of carpet backings. Beaulieu offers carpet selections for both residential and commercial uses, with an extensive selection of colors and patterns in both traditional rolled carpet and modern carpet tiles. Beaulieu uses 3 main fibers to create their carpets: nylon, polyester, polypropylene and a nylon/polypropylene blend; with constructions including high twist, loop, patterned, plush and textured carpet. But what really stands out about Beaulieu carpeting are the feature options they offer in their carpeting.

Beaulieu Carpet Features and Collections

Beaulieu has taken full advantage of modern technology by incorporating stain and odor resistance in their carpeting.

Magic Fresh® is an odor-preventative feature exclusive to Beaulieu. The Magic Fresh treatment is a self-renewing odor repellant that is added before you buy your carpet; the treatment is self-renewing, meaning that you never have to add anything to it to keep your carpet smelling fresh.

Silver Release® is an anti-microbial treatment applied by Beaulieu to inhibit mold, mildew and bacteria that can lead to staining and odors. The natural treatment uses silver, a antimicrobial element, combined with zinc and copper to add extra protection to carpet.

Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M is a treatment applied during manufacturing that surrounds individual carpet fibers, shielding them from dirt and stains. A carpet with a Scotchgard application is easier to clean because dirt and soil are unable to stick to the fibers.

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